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What is Unified Communications as a Service?

Effective ways of connecting and communicating with others have become important more than ever. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms and providers facilitate the communication between team members, with customers and others.

According to Gartner, UCaaS is a cloud-delivered unified communications model that supports communications functions such as:

  • Enterprise telephony
  • Meetings (audio/video/web conferencing)
  • Unified messaging
  • Instant messaging and presence (personal and team)
  • Mobility
  • Communications-enabled business processes

Virtual Career Fair Must Haves

It’s been almost a year since we started looking into online events. The way that we host our events has rapidly changed and now is the time for us to choose the best platform for your event specifically. Let’s deep-dive!

  1. User-Friendly Interface

2. Easy For You…

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Let’s face it. 2020 was not easy, and 2021 isn’t looking any easier. Numerous reports, including the 2020 Application Trends Survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), indicate that 2020 has corresponded to an increase in graduate school applicants across the board. With the application process moving online, virtual grad school fair is becoming increasingly popular among grad school admissions officers to seek outstanding talent worldwide.

Looking for a way to stand out? Attending an event like this could be just what you need.

3 Benefits of Attending a Virtual Grad School Fair:

  1. Find everything you need in one…

Highre team presents to you how to wrap up 2020,
Highre team presents to you how to wrap up 2020,
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As we are approaching the end of year, we are reviewing what we have done or achieved this year. Many of us spend December of every year planning ahead, hoping to be more efficient and productive next year.

Unlike any other years, 2020 has been a rather interesting year for all of us. COVID-19 hit us hard, and is still with us (for way longer than we expected it to be). Classes are online and people are working from home. Everyone was rushed into this, and hopefully, after reading this article, you can wrap up this year nicely and get…

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Earlier this year, many companies, organizations and educational institutions started researching alternatives for their in-person events in a hurry. Gatherings of people became far more dangerous than it ever was, and it continues to be.

According to the statistics report published by Bizzabo, 57% of event marketers decided to cancel their events due to COVID-19. In other words, that means, 57% of opportunities wasted. On the other hand, 87% of the world’s leading event organizers decided to shift their focus and host virtual events in 2020.

At least for the foreseeable future, we won’t be able to go back to…

You can achieve better recruiting outcome at virtual career fairs than you have ever done at physical career fairs

This is how you attend career fairs nowadays! Much more organized and calm. Photo by Bran Naus via Unsplash.

Campus recruiting has gone virtual and almost all universities are running career fairs online to continuously engage the employer partners in hiring their students. While many employers have been adapting fast by attending those career fairs online, some other companies and organizations are still getting used to the process and to the various platforms that the events are running on.

In the fall 2020 semester, 1,000+ companies and recruiters joined to exhibit various virtual career fairs on Highre. Through those events…

Since COVID-19 outbreak, our lives have changed dramatically. It’s been difficult to organize gatherings, go to classes in person, participate in different activities and events. Remote working and studying have become a new norm, and they are here to stay.

It became harder than ever to network or go for a coffee with your mentors to talk about your careers, or to get a sense of direction. You are not alone in this. Most of your schools are working extremely hard to provide a seamless higher education experience for you. We are now in the era of virtual recruiting and…

Going to crowded event vs Comfortable home

A few years ago, or actually, a few months ago, when physical career fairs were still a thing, we rarely got to speak about the benefits of virtual career fairs or understand what they are about. People were used to talking to recruiters and submitting their resumes in person. However, that has changed now.

As a student and as a recruiter, it was very tiring to drive to the event venue, to get bombarded with multiple candidates coming up to you at the same time (as a recruiter) and to stand in the queue to get to say hello to…

What is virtual career fair?

As a Marketing Lead, it was always a struggle trying to explain what virtual career fair is. I would meet up with my friends and tell them that I work for a virtual career fair platform company, and they would be like “oh cool, what is that?” Then, I would explain, “you know, we all have been to super crowded career fairs or job fairs of some sort. We would print out a bunch of CVs, queue up to meet one recruiter, trying to get a job. With virtual career fairs you don’t need to do that. You sit down…

Account Manager at Mastercard with Highre at
Account Manager at Mastercard with Highre at

Highre recently hosted a virtual career conference for students of different major backgrounds. We would like you to meet, Johann Padilla Rivera! He is an Account Manager at Mastercard. He earned his bachelor’s degree in science but his interest grew in marketing, business development, and sales. He’s sharing the evolution of his interest during his career path and how he navigated through the opportunities to be at the best place each time.

Tell us about yourself

To tell you briefly about myself, I am originally from Puerto Rico, and I decided to go to school in the States. So, I…

Highre Team

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